There is nothing in this lifetime that I can’t overcome.

Life is beautiful.  For us lucky ones, it is filled with more sunny days than cloudy ones but even when the sky is clouded the sun still is in existence.  Happiness never disappears, it only relocates, but it is always a very stationary ideal just waiting to be found.  The beauties of life are found in some of the seemingly simplest, most mundane experiences we endure – the smile of a friend after a thoughtful compliment, the serious wanderlust in the eyes of a small child curious of life’s journey, the almost tangible joy in the heart of a dog playing with a new chew toy.

When I was a young boy I found amazement in damn near everything.  All things unknown to me were just potentially joyous endeavors as opposed to the possibly insurmountable obstacles that the adult mind sometimes translates them as.  I was a searcher before the Google era.  Many adults should do themselves  favor and just go back to their childlike mind and see life through those eyes… everything is an OPPORTUNITY of potential JOY to BEHOLD… there’s nothing to be afraid of.