It’s really incredible to think that just two seasons ago Joakim Noah was first team All NBA, the Defensive Player of the Year, and was fourth in MVP ranking.  Now he’s coming off of the bench during a contract season.  Nothing wrong with it necessarily – and he definitely ended last season and the playoffs very weekly – but it’s just interesting … Richard Jefferson, as Jalen Rose would say, keep getting them checks … Doug McDermott showed a lot of confidence.  If he maintains it he can definitely put up buckets in this league … Derrick Rose looked very good but you still cringe a little bit any time he limps or lands funny … Kevin Love is going to have a big year, return to the All-Star game, and put himself back in the conversation of the better power forwards in the league; I really feel that.  I think Blatt is going to feel pressure to give Tristan Thompson big/equal minutes to justify that contract though, and Anderson Varejao looked very good as well.  I’ve always felt he does what Thompson does but at a higher level, if he only stay healthy for a full season … Jimmy Butler is looking at a monster year … Aaron Brooks still playing this well at this level at that size/age is remarkable … Mo Williams is going to prove to be a tremendous offseason pickup for the Cavs.