Don’t Fall Victim

The system is designed to keep the majority of people working so that a small minority can really get to enjoy the good life and can be able to control everything.  So basically what I’m saying is that the system — and the rulers of this country – was not built with my betterment in mind, so why should I follow those rules? It wouldn’t make sense.  You only have 3 choices when you’re playing a game where the rules were designed AGAINST you – break them, play a new game, or create new rules.

We as young Black men seeking success need to first recognize that the game is rigged and the deck is stacked against us, and then react accordingly.  The fact of the matter is you’re probably not going to become wealthy as somebody’s employee – particularly if you have a felony or even a misdemeanor on your record.  And if you’re working minimum wage or a low wage job or a dead end job and you don’t have kids to support or anyone to support outside of yourself then QUIT THAT SHIT NOW!!!!  Immediately.  If you one of them Good Samaritan ass motherfuckers then put in that two-week notice (like McDonald’s REALLY needs one).  But if you’re going to struggle anyway you might as well struggle for a reward.  I hope you see the light.

If you’re going to work your ass off every day for little appreciation you might as well do it to build your own company.  I’d rather struggle for the potential reward of being my own boss, creating generational wealth, and living the lavish life as opposed to struggling for a guaranteed purse of $9/hour and constant disrespect from management plus the added shame that comes from being the low man at a job.



In this life, every new breath is a chance for a new direction in life.  If there is something you don’t like in your life, change it.  Don’t just accept the way things are “Just ’cause.  Dare to do your own thing, dare to have faith and belief in yourself, and dare to do something different.  Dare to break free from the blueprint and live life your own way.

Do Something About It!

I don’t understand the mindset of the man who would rather complain about his situation and problems instead of just putting his ten toes down on the ground and going to work fixing it.  If your sink faucet was leaking on Friday and you couldn’t get a plumber on the weekend, would you spend the next three days whining about how your landlord doesn’t do shit or how lazy the janitor is – or would you get your wrench and fix the leak yourself?  The answer you give to that question will determine how successful you will be in life.

Own The Money

If you are not controlling money then money WILL control you.  Money is a truly great servant but conversely it can be a terrorizing master.  I went into debt purchasing bullshit that I never needed – several pair of Jordans, jewelry, nights out in clubs – and that didn’t bring me any happiness beyond the elation from their immediate purchase.  And do I even still have any of what I bought?  No, of course not. But what I do still have is the bill, plus interest, multiplied by a dwindling credit score.  Do not share my story with yourself.

How To Ride That Unemployed Wave

  1. Find a way to not pay rent.  This is the most crucial aspect of enjoying life without being a slave to that time clock.  That’s right, you essentially have to find somebody you can leech off of.  Prime candidates are parents, grandparents, ex-girlfriends, old college buddies, and random chick with low self-esteem, clinginess issues, and spacious apartments.  Just make sure whoever you decide to live with can pay their rent pretty comfortably; the last thing you want is them to be asking you to contribute to the rent and shit.
  2. Get rid of that car note.  Hell, you don’t have a job any more, so what do you really need consistent transportation for anyway?  If you really can’t live without a car (modern ass mufuckas) then just cop a cheap used on off of Craigslist for a couple of racks.  I can personally guarantee it won’t have any mechanical or transportation problems.  And if you just must keep a running car and feel as though you have to keep paying a car note because you’re trying to keep your credit score up (trust me, it ain’t worth it), then just stop paying car insurance. As long as you don’t get into any accidents nobody will even notice.  And you won’t get into accidents because we all know bad things only happen to good people.
  3. You’ll need a hobby.  There’s nothing worse than being out of work but then getting so bored by the mundane daily routines of life that you fuck around and start filling out job applications.  Remember – the goal is to NOT work.  If you even just take a temp job for three days to pay for your daughter’s dental visit, then you’ve lost at life – officially.  So to keep that atrocity from happening, get yourself a hobby.  Go lift weights – with nothing else to do you’ll look like The Rock within five weeks time, you have my word on that.  You’re not into being brolic any real man should be – shout out to you Justin Bieber-sized jokers – then there are other options.  A favorite choice of mine, my personal recommendation is to develop a severe drug habit.  Trying to get that next crack hit will provide you with a constant goal, and nothing’s more important in life than accomplishing goals.
  4. Have a way to make money.  Just because you no longer have a job doesn’t mean you’ll no longer need money.  There is, by my own personal mathematical calculation, a 14% chance that you will need money again at some point in your lifetime.  Let me clarity – that is not an EXACT calculation, and the margin of error on that is at least 100%.  But, anyway, if you need to get some money, there are plenty of options you have.  The one I personally use is to go into the strip club before they start charging (usually before 8PM), hide in the restroom until the true spenders come in (around 12AM), and then go out and steal tips from the strippers.  What makes it such a good plan is the strippers don’t mind and all the bouncers are going to want to do is make sure you get home safely.  The only downfall is strip clubs are sometimes in “seedy” (white folks word) neighborhoods and you’ll have to walk home since I recommended you toss your car keys.

Now that is just part one.  I hope this gives you a good start on life as a repeated bum ass mufucka.


Kings sit at the royal table with other kings, with the princes, with the queens, and the princesses.  No court jester can have a seat, no peasant can have a seat, because they have nothing worthy to contribute to the discussion.  Bosses can only relate to other bosses.  I don’t even want to converse with anyone who ain’t bossing up.  Like the poet Nas said, a caterpillar can’t relate to what an eagle envisions.  How could the sheep ever know what thoughts permeate the mind of the lion?  Be the ruler of your own dimension.


My clear soul and positive thoughts have led me to live the happiest existence and lifestyle I ever have lived.  An attitude adjustment to positivity and optimism truly can change your life.  Sometimes perception can be reality because simply switching up your perspective and how you look at things can vastly, incredibly improve your existence.  Get into a zone – a creative zone, a social zone, a financial zone, just an overall life zone.  I hope I stay in the zone I’m in for the rest of the physical time I’m blessed with on this Earth.  Salute and God Bless.

If you’re feeling down about yourself, just build some positive momentum.  Momentum can lift you up if it’s positive, but it can roll over you if it’s negative.  If you are in a bad situation and things seem to be getting worse and worse, do whatever you can to stop it and start over.  Don’t let the bad momentum destroy you.  If you’re stuck in a hole that you’ve dug the first thing you need to do is stop digging.  And the next thing you need to do is pile up as many small victories as you can.  Small wins eventually build into huge successes.  You crawl before you stand before you walk before you run.  It’s all about the grind.  Stay positive and focused y’all.

Gotta stay focused.  Don’t let minor setbacks create major issues in your life.  This is life – shit happens.  Good things occur, and bad things occur as well.  There is no avoiding problems.  Don’t run from them.  Don’t allow them to get you down and keep you down.  NO!  Use them to make you better.  Use your troubles as experiences and opportunities to learn and improve upon yourself.  Take your losses, embrace them, and have them catapult you into being a winner.  Take advantage of your current situation, no matter how dire it may feel at the moment.  Best of luck to you.


Accomplishing something in life is all about building momentum. It makes everything simpler for you. It’s a lot easier to push with something than it is to push against something. That’s the beauty of compound interest. That’s the beauty of accumulation. That’s why it’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get into shape. Simply put – in most cases – the more you have the more you get.  It’s the Rich Get Richer Poor Get Poorer Theory.  It’s simple math; that’s why it’s so important to not only build momentum but once you have the momentum built it is paramount you don’t lose it.  Basically it does down to what doesn’t work for you works against you.  If you’re behindFOR  the eightball in any facet of your life you need to get back on your square – and quickly – before the momentum working against you demoralizes and then destroys you.  Have the momentum work FOR you and not AGAINST you.